Everyone Has An Opinion

You can spend a lot of time online reading various comments about Idol Lash. Before I decided try this product I spent an entire evening reading all types of comments on various forums and blogs. I wanted to know whether it worked for most people.

KGNamedI was surprised how many people had written comments about Idol Lash.  Most said they hated their thin, short or sparse eyelashes. I’m not sure whether it’s the media that makes us want longer lashes, or whether more women are being born with tiny lashes, either way.

I wanted to have those attractive, thick, long eyelashes.

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idol lash before and after

The Negatives

I did find a few negative Idol Lash reviews online. Some were obviously bashing Idol Lash and trying to get the reader to try another competing product. It reminded me of the Coke and Pepsi commercials that bash each other. Most of these negative reviews I dismissed as bad attempts to advertise other products. I didn’t find any negative Idol Lash reviews that raised any legitimate issues of concern.

Funny Idol Lash Reviews

I found two funny Idol Lash reviews online. The first was from a woman who was furious. She had bought Idol Lash from an eBay auction. She got a good price on a 30 day supply. Then she went to the official site and found out she could have ordered more and got some for free. The seller on eBay obviously bought a large quantity and then sold each product off individually. She was mad that Idol Lash wouldn’t send her any free product. Really!! She could have bought it from them, she didn’t, and now she wants FREE product! Go figure!

The second one was on a forum. Someone asked the question as to whether anyone had tried Idol Lash, and did it work? One comment was “I tried it and it didn’t make my breasts any bigger”

I laughed out loud!

Overall, there are a lot of positive Idol Lash reviews published in forums, blogs and article sites. I felt confident enough after reading them to order some Idol Lash and give it a try for myself.

I suggest that the only way you’ll know whether it will work for you or not is to order some, and try it for yourself.

Sure worked for me!


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