Does Idol Lash Work??

That was the question I wanted a simple, honest answer to. I spent 4-6 hours surfing around to various blogs, forums and article sites and was more confused then when I started.

My friend had been raving about Idol Lash. Her eyelashes had definitely thickened up and they looked longer. I was very interested in trying it myself (because I was born with short, sparse eyelashes), but I wanted to know if it was dangerous, had any major side effects and whether it worked for everyone. I had heard about a prescription eyelash serum that had some really hazardous side effects and I didn’t want to risk my health for better lashes.

I’ve noticed that over the past few years more and more celebrities are getting fuller eyelashes. There’s quite a few of them that wouldn’t be caught dead without their monster glue-on lashes. Obviously thicker fuller lashes are becoming a trend and represent glamor, femininity and beauty (at least they do to me).

I found a lot of personal reviews of Idol Lash that said it worked. I also found a few negative reviews. Most of the negative reviews seemed to be from people who were recommending (selling) another eyelash product. One of the negative Idol Lash reviews had a link to an eBay store that sold false lashes. (go figure!)

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How Does Idol Lash Work?

Before I ordered some I wanted to know exactly what Idol Lash did. I found out that is a natural, homeopathic product. It’s not a drug and is safer than prescription pharmaceutical products used to grow lashes. It works by introducing a natural ingredient to stimulate the hormone in our body that grows eyelashes. It’s safe and is much easier than having to apply fake long lashes every time you want to go out in public.

Does It Work Quickly?

Again, there’s a lot of opinions and reviews out there. Some people reported they saw a noticeable difference in the first week. Some people said it was over 2 months until they saw a noticeable difference. I would say the average person reported a small difference in 2-4 weeks and major difference in the second month. I’m going to try it for at least 3 months before I make my final evaluation. (I’ll post my final results here soon!)

Does It Work For Everyone?

There’s no way I can answer that question. I haven’t spoken to everyone who’s ever tried it. I understand that it’s important that you follow the directions for usage. You should apply it every night to make sure you have the best chance for success. They have a 90 refund policy in place so if it doesn’t work you aren’t completely out of luck.

Will It Work For Me?

After I did some research  I felt comfortable and informed enough to order some. I went and order a large bundled special that was being offered on their website so I could get a few free bottles and had enough to try it for at least 90 days.

I spent a lot of time reading various Idol Lash reviews and opinions. Probably more than I needed to. I was concerned about anything that gets this close to my eyes. I just wanted to be 100% sure it was safe. After all my research I couldn’t find one negative review regarding negative side effects. While surfing through all the Idol Lash reviews I came upon one forum comment that mentioned that the only way to know “Does Idol Lash Work?” was to actually try it for yourself. I thought that made a lot of sense.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

I will update this blog every few weeks to let you know what my results are and the answer to the question “Does Idol Lash Work?” (or Does Idol Lash Work for me?)

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